DAY TWO Rice Fast

I woke up slightly headache-y had a dream about my cousin Lousie D. Glasser, the lucky one who got her half of my Grandfather’s fortune.  I  have never dreamed of her before.  My first thought was she was appearing in order to GIVE m something.  My second thought on realizing how silly that was was tinged with rage…Where is justice? or at least revenge?  Maybe it was those people from Louise-ianna that triggered this.It makes me wonder why she appeared, now.

And, the dream woke me early at least earlier than when I usually get up.  So, I decided to take a shower.. In the stall was a scarey brown spider ( maybe a recluse?)  I took it as as much an omen as the dream fragment and did not want to touch or kill the creature.  But, I started the water and watched it skitter about — thinking any moment it would jump and bite me..  When it rolled into a ball I stepped in and carefully put a shampoo bottle on top of it as an “umbrella” or as an end.  When I got out I removed the bottle but the spider looked terminally damp and splayed.  A subsequent peek revealed my cousin, the spider to be lifeless. ye-ss-s-s-

Most of the day I fretted the markets – couldn’t find anything to buy.  further frets of threats came from reading about Arch Crawford’s dark view of the near term and Summer markets.. But, I was transfixed as usual by the flickering of down ticks…actually was distressed when I headed out for my walk at the close.

Noticed that I was furious as I tangled up my gear and grappled for scarf and coats.. Rather surprized at how triggered I felt.  But, I walked along the Old Sante Fe Trail and got calm and sentimental about being in the old-old west.  There is no mild sense of deja vu about this place.  It brings me back to my toddler Phoenix winters.  The adobe architecture is so enduring and its rounded corners and jutting vegas are very eye pleasing.  I walked along Guadalupe to the rail yard that also reminds me of my maternal ancestors, who came West with the Union Pacific and Santa Fe rails.

I was not at all hungry and ready to go to sleep when Arthur came in brandishing Sister Wendy goes to Lascaux and medieval destinations.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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