DAY FOUR Rice Fast

There are no physical symptoms to report, today, except that my nose ran continuously all day  & Green Tea really works well when there is nothing but Rice in the system.  Maybe it is the altitude.

At ten o’clock, after breakfast (Rice, of course) we began to clean and move furniture around Arthur’s house.  This entailed shoveling mountains of decorative Buddahs, assorted chachkees and random paper from one corner to the next.  Then, came the chasing of dust bunnies with two vacuum cleaners.  After several hours of this, we clandestinely pitched out a giant arm chair into the dumpster and gathereed (not enough) objects for GoodWill.

About 3, we set out to replace Arthur’s old and very heavy television with the latest technology.  This is where my troubles began.  I was motivated by a not too secret agenda of wanting to go wireless so that I could sit and look over the grande valley whilst writing this saga.  Another smaller part of this agenda powered the rage for rearranging and clearing the table surfaces…I want to take out my water colours and practice that.

We gathered up a large screen, a blu ray box proper cabling (and, here’s where the trouble began) the creme de la creme Apple Airport to stream video from the internet —

By 6, I dispatched Arthur for more suitcases of water and began to configure the box on his dreaded Apple.  Well, the Airport required an upgrade in OS to Snow Leopard.  I phoned Arthur and told hom to return to the computer store.  They only carried the 49.95 version of this stuff so I told him to eat the extra 20 bux and come back.  Meanwhile I unpacked and hooked up the new boxes.  When he returned I raced up to install the Snow Leopard OS only to find that the machine had insufficient RAM.  this was very disappointing but not a show stopper.  After futzing with three clickers, we were able to accompany Sister Wendy to the Renaissance and Baroque sites.   Around midnight and after a fine bath to wash off the dust of the day, I  cuddled up under my warm red Pendelton blanket and was still wide awake.  Had to bore myself to sleep with a mantra while looking out on the clouded sky.

I am very excited for the Market to open on Tuesday and declared myself to be “a big swinging dick” because Fridays trades put me way out on the margin.  But, you can’t hurry love, money or a Rice Fast.

PS it turns out that it was no lesser light than Ghandi who said, “Eat your dring and drink your food.”

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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