DAY 5 Rice Fast

Sunday began with the UU Congregation of Sante Fe. Where we heard humanist words of Forest Church of New York’s All Souls. Singing those familiar hymns, I hungered for my old life.

This was altogether a tough and most frustrating day… Spent still trying to configure Arthur’s new BluRay system on a recalcitrant Apple. It took hours just to pair the Airport with the blu-Ray — Security settings for the router became giga-persnickety.

Much of the day was spent riding back and forth to Best Buy to buy/return the outboard hard drive that in the end loaded the Airport software on my IBM.

The goal of streaming Netflix still eludes me at this writing. Somehow Netflix wants to stream to the computer rather than to the video.. This tendency all but eliminates the need for that fancy player.

The day curdled along in a tech mired way.

Sundown evaporated and now, Sister Wendy is talking about the Impressionists.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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