Day Seven – Rice Fast

I suppose I should say something about the rice.  But, all that comes to mind is Werner Erhard’s saying: “Boredom is a high place.”  Although greatly energized and somewhat exercised (see below), I am hardly high.  Being at 7,000 feet does not count for squat.  But, gotta say that the snow this morning was glorious, deep and, like an excellent peppermint drop, evaporated by afternoon.  Not gone enough though– a slick of black ice set in after sundown.

As for how the day went, Arthur’s tech problems continued to daunt me.  So, today we rode to Best Buy, yet again,  to exchange the non Apple compliant Samsung for the more  malleable Sony.  At this rate, I expect the folks at Best Buy to phone to see if we are okay if we don’t come in once a day.

The bad news is that  tomorrow we will be there, again.  This time to return the Airport Extreme and exchange it for the Lynksys that is specified for the new box.  I knew within seconds of perusing the setup that something had gone bad-wrong… But, hey, troubleshooting  is what made me the big bux back when there was work.  And, best , the Lynksys is enough cheaper that it will almost pay for the gas expended on the back and forthing.

My only good news is that I bought FAZ ,a market shorting ETF, and if the mkt really rallied on health care stox, then tomorrow it should tank on the Coakley loss.  Granted: this is a bit of a bitter fruit.  Already facebook is abuzz with people threatening to ex-pat out of MA.  Some are even trying to get as far away as Paris.  I am surprized at how many of us are wishing to return to the old county or just be anywhere else but here.

that said, my thoughts turn to when I will leave the southwest and where to go next.  I am for the first time in my life without a front door key or any realizable ambition.  Somehow the idea of Haiti comes up and quickly gets suppressed.

What is a dragoness to do?

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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