Day 10 Rice Fast completed

The weather blew from California:  wet and windy; laying down a coat of traction-able snow.  In this smoosh we drove to Best Buy for the last time; dropping off boxes of books as sort of a preview of  the next level of this purge begins.

Excelsior!!!  At last the technology I have been fussing with for this entire period finally works at least with the Blu Ray.  I have no comment on the stinkey snow leopard except, “Damn it’s spots.”.

After a break-fast dinner of  steamed broccoli, we watched a documentary on Enron in celebration …or preparation.

The market was again testy today.  I woke at 5AM today because I was so keyed.  I had plenty of time to watch the FTSE action (down 1.19%) and then the opening.   By the close it looked like a fierce meltdown in progress with plenty of bile to spew into the next week.

By any measure this fast has been the easiest, ever.  Maybe because it came as such a clear directive.  In my aimless state such clarity is rare. So, now this is over, the components work, the market is a mess ..What is next?  Next week, next month, the very future of  future is blank.  In this time between the lightning and the dark is mystery, perhaps a bit of panic.

The inspiration, an inspiration is off somewhere.  I am looking forward to the solitude of the weekend and a cup of coffee tomorrow morning.  And, that’s as far as I can see.  This ten day door closes and, so, whatever is next will be revealed .  I wish I lived backwards like Merlin or at least had a fortune cookie to guide me.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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