Guatemala Day ONE

My whole mission for today is to get to Panajachel and to square away my international phone situation. With the phone ticked off the list by 8 o’clock in the morning, the day gaps wide open until my expected bus to lake Atitlan at 2:30. No sooner does this thought cross my mind, than a handsome Gringo greets the young man, who has been so helpful, and introduces himself…Jamie is living nearby and volunteers at the orphanage.. He is moving from one apartment to the next on this- day and offers to give me a quick tour of his orphanage. This institution is made of the ubiquitous cinder-block and exposed re-bar. Seventy orphans are cared for there the oldest are teenagers and they all require medical help for profound disabilities. As Jamie is moving, he has a rent truck and after he shows me both of his places all within a block of the hostel and orphanage and tells me about how much dust the recent volcano has heaped on his roof, he kindly drops me at the anthropological museum where I am ecstatic to gain admission to the place by joining a conference on methods of grinding corn — all for 25Q. (8:$1) This a small but delicious museum and I cover it in about 2 hours and notice that I am hungry.. My terrible fried chicken luch is brightened by meeting a group of US volunteers with their own crop of darling orphans in tow.

I return to the hostel to discover my bus will not be coming and use my new phone to alert the doctor who happens to be in the City and will pick me up about 4PM. I putter around the hostel and enjoy the company of Canadians and a nice guy from the Dominican Republic.
Soon doctor Carlos arrives in his official pick up truck and we begin our multi hour journey to the lake region. We arrive at about 11PM and there is a storm over the lake.. I see nothing then I see this vast silver water and valcanoes that look like Camelback mountain.  I am home.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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