Guatemala Days THREE & FOUR

It is my 64th birthday and the day when I am going to meet the team that I will be working with.

After I incinerate my host’s microwave, I bop over to Batman’s to see what she is doing as I have a lot of time to kill before I go to the office. She is serving coffee (thank heaven) to the cute guy from last night!! She assures me that he has just arrived but tempers that by saying he called her last night and that if she had had a credit card he would have spent the night. (Jah Jah) She gets testy/paranoid and throws me out; so, I walk into town in search of a microwave and breakfast.

As I am tucking into my eggs, guacamole and beans I notice that, yes, there is a geezer parade along with plenty of soulful faces trying to sell goods. Each vendor promises a good price. “No gracias; no; no; no; etc. I am not going naive today. I am sticking to my beige and deeper earth tone pallet. no gracias; no.”

The meeting is in the late afternoon and the scope of work is immense and the people a very sophisticated and tolerate my nonsense Spanish. Carlos is also at this meeting and after it we go for dinner ordering a ceremonial Malbec and steaks. We are in good spirits when we go to visit a sweet couple and remain so until we get to the PanaRock where it is kiddies night and the band is mediocre. We have one nice nightcap and a soulful if difficult conversation — me with no Spanish and him with his equally good English BUT I have and refer often to my Dictionary.
This morning it is Saturday and I decide to do laundry.. Carlos’ machine gets even for the burnt microwave by pulling the covered buttons off of my Brooks Brothers shirt. He is still sleeping but has let Renzo Alberto out. The dog doesn’t bark when the three local evangelicals come to the door to give me “good news” but goes wild when Batman comes to make nice-nice. She is very helpful in giving me the word for clothes pins … No sooner do I finish hanging our clothes than the moonsoon arrives and we go to the office..

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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