Guatemala Day FIVE

So last night two of Carlos´sisters and their husbands and one of his nieces come up to Pana.. I had gone to bed by the time they got in but met them this morning as we prepared a quick breakfast before a walk to the lake with Renzo Alberto –he needed a shampoo and could have chased the floating (lava?) rocks and plastic bottles all day but we wanted to go for a ride up to Sta Catilina Palpolo about 6 miles but 30 minutes away by bad road. The lake is too contaminated by runoff from fertilizers and sewage to swim in and this is a big disappointment because it is so beautiful to look at.. About 5 times the size of lake Zurich and one of the deepest in the world — it ran green with bacteria this year but to me it looked very inviting… I suppose the good news is that the tourist trade is not running the idigenous folks out of town.

The visitors were very sweet and one sister corrected my pidgeon Spanish this was a pleasure… I am considering taking the immmersion course if <i can get the time before Carlos and other members of the team head for Bern to present their results. I am very happy that I did not buy a return ticket as I think a nice long jaunt around Central and south America will do me some good once this project is launched. One of the Brothere´s in law had very old ´60 music like Roy Orbison, Dave Clark 5 it was a wah wah deja vu as we sat in the court yard listening to the tunes and drinking beer in the hot winter sun. I am very at home enfamile..have I mentioned that I love the people in this place?

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

One thought on “Guatemala Day FIVE”

  1. This is DD distilled and served over ice with a splash and a twist. Just the thing for a hot summer evening. Nelly Bly meets Jack Kerouac. I love it.

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