GUATEMALA working day

At 6AM, Carlos and I were all set to go to the field but found that the rains had washed out the stingy two way road in and out of the lake area. So, we returned to the office only to find that the internet had also been compromised by this same deluge. So, I settled down with my dictionary to read a 15 page “History of Irrigation in Guatemala.” This skinny tome started out with “el tornillo de Arquimedes” in egipt (yes, that far back) and concluded with the bad news that there is NO control over the way water is used for irrigation… Sort of like income taxes in Venezuela –off the chain.

Anyway, this is the first time that I have experienced the tiniest discomfort as the banks also closed because the ATMs were disabled by the outage. But it was good to get acquainted with the about 20 types of volcanic soil in the area. Believe it or leave it water does not soak into all volcanic detritus —
Think: pumice, like, everywhere.

To vary my input, I studied 2 maps detailing the three types of indigenous people who will be served if I get this proposal right. They are the Kaqchik’el to the north and east of the lake; the Tz’utujil to the South and the K’iche to the west. I am beginning to be able to distinguish where the different street sellers are from by the color schemes of their tops called G’uiples (gweeples). Rather delighted by discovering this.

Writing a Gates Grant is like writing a Thesis and a Half…and I feel like I am doing it “backwards in heels” because of my extremely limited Spanish. But, tomorrow, my intensive classes begin with the maestro that Batman introduced me to in days gone by..

Aside from talk of the War between Columbia and Venezuela things have been relatively tame. Guatemalans seem to favor Columbia but I still appreciate Chavez’s chutzpah.

Last night, to my delight I found a TV station called Deutsche Welt that speaks in German and has Spanish subtitles… Too bad that my nights at the PanaRock Cafe have en-deadened my ears just when they are about to enjoy this Babel-iousness.

Did I mention that it will be raining until December?

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

2 thoughts on “GUATEMALA working day”

  1. is the grant about irrigation? I did not know that, war between Venezuela and columbia and rain? till December, My My My “It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into my dear”
    press on

  2. NO not just about irrigation
    but have to cover the area like James Mitchner from the primordial to the present
    obviously our press is not covering the break in diplomacy btw Colombia and Venezuela although it has happened several times I noticed that it is coincidental with the sending of 47 warships to Costa Rica — allegedly for “drug wars.”

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