Everybody is a Gringo, here

The Solola region has 2 seasons: Flood and Dry.

Alt. 5,240
N 14.44.724
W 91.09.252

No matter if you come from Chicago or Mexico City – you are a Gringo.
The distinction is quite easy to make — even at 5´-2″ I tower above the locals.

The Solola region has 2 seasons: Flood and Dry. In certain times of the year, there are good enough wiinds that the kids fly kites. … One day the paper for making these kites absolutely disappeared only to be replaced by prefab, plastic kites from China. As volcanic hills are quite steep, strong rivers force deep furrows into their faces and flow into basiins (cuencas). Some of these cuencas are large enough to cuddle giant coffee plantations. San Antonio, the town we visited yesterday, showed evidence of mud and rock debris that killed twenty people about two months ago. The San Francisco river, here, is said to have once risen so high that it swept away and sank the sewage treatment plant in the lake. (Of course, this was quite distressing since the Government fined anybody, who maintained a septic system 1,000Q a day until they hooked up to it.) Another flood was likened to the one at Johnstown; swolen rivers broke thru a collection of logs- sending a wall of water rushing; taking out bridges upstream and some low lying pot fields near the lake.

These days the only bridge that is passable in to my Barrio was built by Korea although I can see stantions of two others. Before the building style changed from the locally made bricks, the mud would disolve and, too often, bring the saturated thatched roofis down on the inhabitants.
Anyway it rains enough to soak you in a minute at least once a day.. This morning the bed of the river was coursing quite fast and higher than I have seen it threatening the repairs that had been going on all week on the tiny bridge that runs along the shore.

Hurricanes (the most infamous and recent being Mitch, Stan and Agnes) are called “tormentos.” And, tormento season is just beginning…

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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