Mayan Y2K comes a bit early

So, the really bad news is that Renzo Alberto has run away due to my failure to secure Carlos´outside door. This is mortifying and he is telling me “No te preoccupes.” While he is heartbroken & really believes that the dog has been dog-napped. Other people are more optimistic and assume that he will return after making many little Renzos.

Other news: I had a dream the other night- something very rare for me. In this dream I am traveling with friends to a hotel on the moon- a giant lobby looks out of the raw moonscape through a massive window set off by one eccentric slash of a wall (about the slope of the volcanoes looming out my waking window.) Of course, there is no venturing into the lunar park; so, I sit in the lobby, socializing.

In reality, Pana is more cozy than the Village, I run into colleagues from work, I see my maestro from the language school and to my surprise, am on a first name basis with many of the street folks .. from the smutzie faced boys selling woven bracelets and postcards made by their mothers to the toothless matrons, who offer me the best price on textiles or scarey fruits.

While talking to a couple from Mexico, I watched her give the bread from the table to one of the kids. Next day, I shared bread and jam with a finely attired matron.. I rather like this approach…especially since the restaurant staff are very tolerant of the swarms of room workers. The street women work three months out of the year to maintain their costumes.. these very glorious woven garments provide them with an air of dignity and perhaps a sense of safety as they pace the streets with handicrafts in large bundles on their heads. It is obvious that this Solola region can easily holds a high rank of impoverishment. Anyway this is a tiny town in the center of 2012-dom.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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