Renzo returns — Guat-ever!!

The big bad red dog was spotted by friends walking in this tiny city. I got the welcome call and was happy to leave my lesson took in a speedy tuk-tuk (the sound that the things make) to meet him. I can hardly express how gladly I filled up his food and water bowls… Who cares if next year there will be hundreds of little Renzo-citos rolling around Pana… Here´s hoping that the two birds cooperate better than this while Carlos is in Switzerland.

Because of this ongoing upset, my Spanish lessons have been fraught with worry. But I have made progress and today, on day 4, I am up to irregular verbs… ooo laah lah.

Tonight, I am staying in Barrio to study, listen to the news and keep an eye on Renzo.

I had long said that I wanted to leave the US so I would not have to listen to the parade of bad news. But, the coverage of SB1070 in Arizona is very discouraging and absolutely embarassing… They are calling the law baldly racist in the local press. Even so, I cannot resist the NYTimes book review in Spanish. What a paradoxical pleasure it is to read about Greta Garbo in this language.

My stuff is shreding in the local wash; it begins to look like Robinson Curroso is my tailor and soon enough my shirts will bleach in the sun like everybody else’s.

Tonight all is well in Panajachel..

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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