Fire Crackers and a Three Hankie evening..

Some things are not quite as regular as the stereo roosters and the Avon Lady at dawn. What I omitted in the prior noise survey was the alarming birthday firecrackers blasted in celebration- everywhere, all day long. Because these fusillades erupt at random I have learned to suppress adrenaline driven somersaults whenever the things go “CRaaaCK!.” But, this morning, there must have been three birthdays in the neighborhood. I began the day with a feint flip.

I have been asked to describe what there is to eat out here. The bad news is that my favorite foods are nonexistent, the wine verges on real horrible and the good news is that I am shrinking out of my clothes. Since I must, I eat some version of grilled ham and cheese; and variety for this bland delicacy is only in the substrate: a croissant, tacos, sometimes an enclosed Salvadorian polenta -called a pupesia. Yesterday, for a change, I bought three fist sized avocadoes for 6/8ths of a dollar. I had decided to eat at home since I had acquired a discounted case of the local, utterly mediocre pilsner to tide me over until in mid-September. (Alas, over the weekend Carlos and I picked up a wild Cuban guy at the weekly gringo BBQ and he and his wife followed us home and they seriously dented my beer stash.)

Anyway, I hopefully clutched the oily fruit to my breast as I slogged through the evening rains and arrived at the casa only to find that Renzo Alberto had mixed garbage in with Carlos’ laundry and strewn this nasty matted combo all over the patio. So, I put an extra brew on ice and worked the shovel.

Last night, since Carlos was out, I had the command of the TV. Clicking past ten or more sports channels, stopping briefly to see the news on the Chilean miners (claustrophobia, anyone?) I came upon “Julie and Julia” eating and drinking yummy stuff. It was wildly amusing to see Meryl/Julia clucking in Spanish but as I watched, I found myself verklempt- missing my NYC skyline and the good times that we had then and there.

When the movie ended, I clicked to Cesar Milan on the Animal channel. The Dog Whisperer was as totally in command of some giant beast as I am not. That called for the third hankie.

Starting this Thursday, I will begin to write about the scope of work around here. In preparation for this, I am becoming acquainted with the half animal/half plant known as cynobacteria that has taken over this gorgeous lake and since it’s blooms is sarcophagus, it has chased away more than 60% of the tourist business. (This statistic I have gleaned sitting at Gringotenenga and listening to the proprietors lament year over year revenues here, in Antigua and Guat. City.

P.S. I have heard that Saint Exuprey wrote the Little Prince about this place.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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