Rhumba, Si Derrumbes, No

The National day of Mourning and our inundated road to Solola was the top of the CNN news this morning and more locally, there was a mud slide above the market that washed out the little museum leaving artifacts and musical instruments piled on the sidewalk among the on lookers. Fortunately, there are no deaths to report. But, I stopped by the gymnasium to see how the refugees were doing. Most of them had gone about their lives – the kids to school and the adults to work; so, I met with the coordinator, Sra. Cecilia Ramos,who reported that 60-90 people had spent the prior night there. Sra. Cecilia RamosShe said that the cyclists, who were still waiting for their road race to begin had come by last night to help by donating sacks of food to suppliment the beans and rice provided by the municipality. She told me that there is room for about 400 people and that most of the refugees could clean up and return to their houses once the rains subside. I asked her what she needed most and she told me that clothes, blankets and baby things would be appreciated. And, that in the mornings rich people and gringos came by and donated some of these things already.

path of the rockslideSince the chicken buses are not running the air quality is better than the internet reception. But, the street vendors are very scarce, because the govenment has requested that only those who must use the roads leave their pueblos.

The good news for me is that I have a cistern with enough water to share if the main is not fixed by Thursday. Last night it rained so hard that I was able to soap up and wash myself in the patio without drawing down this supply.

road to Solola

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

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