Mayan Families Launches Beautification Project

Sharon's daughter
Sharon’s daughter

The news was all over Santander:  Mayan Families has opened a SPA where we can get our “paws and claws” done.

I dropped by to see the brightly colored shop and to meet the Maestra,  a fashionable gal from Texas.  Susan Mabry had her own shop in a swanky neighborhood in Dallas and is delighted to work with Mayan Families imparting cosmetology  to her students.   They have learned to apply nail wraps – silk and acrylic and how to give neck and arm massages.  You can get a simple manicure/pedicure for 200Q or you can get the Deluxe treatments –Sugar scrubs and hot wax facials.

The first time I came, there were some regular Mayan Families volunteers from Faith United Methodist in Westchester, Ohio. They had probably broken a few nails hauling down 27 suitcases full of clothes and school supplies.  And, they were even more excited about getting their ultra-grungy , O’Neil stove installing nails repaired.

I asked one of them what color her nails were being painted.

“’I am not a Waitress’” she said.  In response to my confused look, Celine Woods, Esq. explained that she was a human rights attorney but the polish had been named that.

This group of volunteers traveled down with their children  — to give them the opportunity to serve. In one case a mother who had adopted her, now, teen-aged child from Guatemala was taking him to meet his birth family.

“He and his sister have been talking on the internet for the last few weeks and I expect the meeting to be very smooth,”  she said.

The shop was quite abuzz with the younger girls darting in and out.  One of Sharon’s daughters was in to give the ladies a little practice and, incidentally, to change from Pink to Orange.

“The ladies graduate after they complete 50 Pedicures and an equal number of Manicures.  During this time they are using our tools and they are welcome to buy them—somewhere else.  We don’t sell the tools because then we lose them,” Susan explained.  She even plans to outfit them with traveling beauty boxes so they can be on-call for the hotels.

Way to go, Mayan Families; thanks for always  serving the Mayan community and, this time for making Panajachel even more beautiful.

MFSPA P1070250 Eliz1 mFClientsmall

L-R JoanneAbitabilo, Celine Woods and daughter
L-R JoanneAbitabilo, Celine Woods and daughter

Author: diane e. dreyfus

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