Patanatic Week in Review: A Saturday to Be Celebrated

Rosa had been looking forward to a family party.  She reminded me that her brother Miguel’s fiancee,  would be taking the sacraments for the first time at a special Mass and that I was expected for the afternoon festivities.  This usually means hours in the church and no alcohol.  Other than than that, the Mayan Mrs. Dalloway had the party thing pretty much figured out.  We would go up to Patanatic directly from the University.   

It was, after all, the first Saturday of the month – the day that UVG tests for admission to its Secondary School and we had what to do.   The “Exceptional Scholars” project was picking up.  In fact it has inflated & wildly.  There had been only one of the “3 Towns*” where Rosa had no connections. But, then she remembered, Margarita.  And the news was that there were six who qualified from Santa Caterina.   Of course, Luisa, from San Antonio could be counted on to be discrete —  she brought eight.    I knew a Mom from San Andres Semetalbaj and her daughter came along.  Rosa collected a few more from Patanatic — making up her total:  16.  As before, Rosa, hailed a pick-up and stuffed everybody in.  I loved standing in the back with the kids as we crooked above the lake, wheedling along to Solola. The ride back would be jubilant, laughing in full relief.  But, this part was all uphill………. anyway, not too slow for them.

Carolina de Leon of UVG waved to us as she waded through the group of anxious parents surrounding the registration table.  Suddenly, we saw, Anna Cristina from Santa Caterina the one who started this all standing to the side.  It is her “anonymous” Gringa Granny, who told me about this program.  This morning the legally blind student had come on her own to take the test, but, we insisted that she travel back home with us.. Margarita is a friend of her mother’s and the matter was settled with one phone-home.  Clearly,  Anna Christina was glad to be with her homies; especially as the young women huddled among the UVG students.  They giggled and enjoyed a snack in the cafeteria after the test.  Margarita, Luisa, Rosa and I celebrated quietly at our table.

It seems that  we have 35 Exceptional Scholars to ready by January 2014.  If only the roads could be smoothed out and the Friction of Distance mitigated and the long distance program implemented.

The truck seemed to have more spring once we dropped the Santa Cta and San Antonio people at their stop. The dozen or so of them would wait for the cross-river pick up bound for the homeland of the Blue Guipils.  Before they left, I joked with Luisa that they Blue crowd would be weaving their Guipils in UVG green.  I can so see this.

Heading up to Patanatic, Mathias hung five off the back, flamboyantly dragging his pointy shoes on the road.  Everyone laughed.  We wiggled up towards the pueblo in time to see Josephina stirring a large caldron of  sauce over the open fire.   The family ladies were working to get the cooking done  before the new in laws arrived.  Rosa and I  would work in her studio configuring Skype and Facebook on the new computer and talk seriously about the December wedding, the new website and putting everything up on CrowdFunding to support the kids.

Yuppers we have big plans for a suite of grants.  We will start with shoes for Luisita and new instruments for the Garcia Brothers Band.. Then we’ll ask for all the ladies to have a trip and we would invite Luisa and Margarita to go to Tikal. aAfter that warm up  we will float out the proposal for Exceptional Scholars..  That was what we had planned.

And then it was time to sit down and share yummy chicken and welcome

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the new family.

*San Andres, Santa Caterina and Patanatic are three of the towns where FundaSistemas had taught the teachers in Montessori and Harvard Project Zero methods.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

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