(35) Exceptional Scholars : Lesvia Onoria Isabel Suy Cumatz

LesviaCU marieIz&LesviaLesvia is the youngest of the scholarship candidates and the only one from San Andres Semetal Baj. Her family lived on the wrong side of the river wall during Hurricane Stan and all their things were washed away by tormento.
In the last few years, her family was given a home  near-by but in an area where she had to transfer to a new school.   At nine years old she left all that she knew behind.  She may have been taught by the special teachers to use Harvard Project Zero critical thinking skills.  She is the daughter of a friend.

Her mother works as a maid and her father has sketchy employment. For this reason, Lesvia has little hope that her parents will be able to afford to send her to Secondary School at all – let alone that they would be able to support her in the UVG-ITEC program for which she is eligible.

If I were to recommend one student to attend UVG-ITEC it would be this one. And, that is not only because she has proven her adaptability and demonstrated concentration under adverse circumstances. But, also, unlike the students in the three other communities, she is a one-off. If she gets the only scholarship then no other families in the community will resent her for the honor.

Here is her letter:

My name is Lesvia Onoria Isabel Cumatz Suy and I want to tell you something of my life.

I was studying in the Tzala School in 2005 when hurricane Stan caused the river San Francisco to burst its banks. We lived close enough to lose everything; we could not save anything. I was very small – just 7 years old- and I studied one more year in that school. After that, my parents moved to San Andres Semetabaj because someone donated a house for us in Xecotos.

I am studying now but my thinking is that my father cannot support me in my studies because I have two older (siblings) who are studying and I can see how expensive just the traveling is. I would like continue to study and hope in God gives me this scholarship. I want to study and earn the title “Office Secretary.” I trust in God that everything will go well and give thanks for my blessings

NOTE Lesvia is smiling very bravely on her graduation day she told me that she was sorry to see everything she knew gone, again ,


Author: diane e. dreyfus

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