A Room of My Own

I am one scary Virginia Woolf in my room
&Although it is reckoned in Quetzals and not British Pounds it is luver-ly.

From my hard little chair I pound away on the iPad. It is rainy season and the waterfall applauds the last batch of clouds and words. Green on top of luscious, milpas rows are intent on wiggling straight up the volcano.

More than any other time, I have found the sanctity of my walls soothing. I am living in this body almost a score more than half a century. Now, in my half round studio, I am pounding on the flat keys.

Sometimes I crave the brick horizons of New York tenements, sometimes I remember the feel of upright typewriters.  What I am here is as different and as familiar as morning.

In this room, I have learned to listen for stillness and wait for answers. More than any other time or place in my life I flow and wave inspiration in. In the morning my brush is shakey but the colors are surprising enough to keep me watching …Sure I can put on my high white waders and go out in the rain…but sometimes I just close the door and listen in solitude.

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

6 thoughts on “A Room of My Own”

    1. Thanks Muzzy.. Didn’t know you were following…like your verses..and posts for this challenge so far… Where are you? I am mayan highlands of Guatemala. Loving that Mayans have out lasted the Babylonians and that they are so friendly.

      1. G’day Diane,
        Took me a while to find this comment, I am very much in need of lessons to find my way around wordpress. I am from Victoria , a southern state on the east side of Australia. Nice to meet you

      2. Olah. It is not very intuitive..I think they want to drive you to upgrade….how are your statistics? Mine were thru the roof ( double digits) for 2 days now back to piddling

  1. You, Vinie and me — the only truly creative ones in the GPB. You’re getting better and better…….start thinking BOOK! Love, Nutcase

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