The Ideal Reader Talks Back

We are at a crowded dance on FB. Blogging is a solo ballet routine practiced in front of a misted mirror..

Excellence coach, Tim Ferriss, says he wants to hire someone with a sledge hammer to whack him upside the head when he goes to FACEBOOK..

I couldn’t agree more – nor comply less with that sentiment.  FACEBOOK is the answer to every teen’s ….and granny’s dream of an open phone line… FB is a playspace like no other.  Danger may lurk in the bushes, but …….who cares?  Same goes for government spying..and other inconvenient snoopervisors.  Business gets done, connections get made and the variety of interactive distraction beats a TV nap.

But when I put on my Blogging Hat I wave my banner in a vacuum ….  It is a post into the void because there is no Squawking Back, real time.  It is an untethered spacewalk.   In FB, all manner of conversation is sparked instantly without the bother of a formality, no salutations etc.   Repartee at the speed of a ping is indeed “priceless.”
While we dance with many partners on FB, blogging without feedback is as solo as a ballet routine — practiced in front of a misted mirror..The writer is struggling to BRAND..seeking to put out a pure move from a consistent place… By contrast my dashed FB stuff feels “important” because someone else has made the effort. My “liking” a  position or reaffirming, retweeting that #BlackLivesMatter is no more than applause… hardly a preformance.  Even the most inspired banter on FB is unwrapping baloney rather than roasting a pig. It seems out here in the Blogishere we are telling yet another tall tale and  pouring yet another tall one for Moximon. NOTE:  Moximon is the armless Mayan folk hero of Santiago, Atitlan.. His precious likeness moves from house to house like a floating Crap game.  He  is given the best cigars and whiskey available but stays utterly mum…like Blog Readers

Author: diane e. dreyfus

on the road until they put the lid down

4 thoughts on “The Ideal Reader Talks Back”

  1. I’ve reached a point where staying away from FB only makes me feel better now that the involuntary post-checking motion has finally stopped in my arm. Who would have thought the void could be such a friendly and civilized place?

  2. No one could have put it better. I also crave for the ideal reader. I have often noticed how the stupidest of statements on Fb recieve a very grand response. While a blog is written and lost in time. I wonder if my blog can ever make an author out of of me. I won’t know because nobody tells me.

  3. I know, its funny isn’t it – wonderful verbage bubbling up and out, and WHERE are the delighted responses, the offers of a publishing career, the grateful folks that you have reached and touched and changed their lives with your insight and perspicacity . They’re there, just quieter that’s all!

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