Active NGO’s

 Eye Heart Anonymous Eyeglass Donors in Santa Catarina Palopo 

Joan Boccino's Groups at Barbara Ford Center for Peace
Global Clinic Treats 1,100 in the District of Quiche - AUG13
Brave Team Treats Quiche Maya
Mayans Relax with Yoga at Traditional Chinese Medicine Jornada
Mayan Women are Empowered to Defend Themselves by a Black Belt
Acupuncturists Launch Sustainable Treat and Train Mission in Guatemala 
Mayans Rediscover Acupuncture at Centro de Paz Barbara Ford
NYC Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals Volunteer to Treat and Train in Guatemala
Acupuncturists Treat 1,000 Patients in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Zacualpa and San Filipe
Meetings with Remarkable Mayans

Caminos de Esperanza 
34 Special Kids in Panajachel

Centre d’Étude et de Cooperation International
Si, Si CECI!!!  

Dallas Jesuit Medical Mission to Guatemala 
2012 Support Posse 
2012 The Kids 
2011 Support Posse 
2011 The Kids 

Feed The Children - Guatemala
Ladies Who Lunch with Feed The Children 
Massive Shoe Give Away Completed by Feed The Children - Guatemala 
Traveling with Feed the Children
Feed the Children's Parties in Guatemala 
Rosa and the Rice Road Show. 
Unique Partnership Supports Give Away of TOMS' Shoes in Guatemala.
Fish Fry in San Antonio Palpolo
Little Luisa Goes to Physical Therapy
Rosa’s Excellent Medical Jornada 
Rosa Works the Phones
Rosa's Excellent Celebration 

Gourment Mushrooms in San Antonio Palpolo 
Harvard and Montessori meet at Lake Atitlan 


Guatemala Non-Profit Network 
Panajachel NGOs seek "organic" unification - 2011 

Host to the Dallas Jesuit Medical Mission - April 2012 
Hospitalito, Santiago Atitlan 

Mayan Families 
Mayan Families Launches Beautification Project 
Mayan Families' Sustained Sewing Project  
Mayan Families Host Dallas Jesuit Medical Mission 2011  
Mayan Families Veterinary Operations 
Mayan Families Tamale Baskets 

Mil Milagros 
Mil Milagros Embraces a Stranded Village 

Oxlajuj B'atz'  
Oxlajuj B’atz’ celebrates Indigenous People's Day 
Yolanda and Rosa -Part 1 Yolanda - Part 2: An Action of Grace 

Starfish One by One 
Starfish One by One empowers young women 

Vivimos Mejor 
Host to the Dallas Jesuit Medical Mission - April 2012 
Vivamos Mejor Hosts Jesuit Medical Mission of Dallas  
Reforestation at Lake Atitlan