Meme Streak – Election 2016 on Twitter

This Election is the first to have been won and lost on Social Media. Twitter ultimately became the forum for WIKILEAKS and during the primaries I chose it as a refuge from friends who had morphed into insistant/strident HilBots on Facebook and who would never understand my fear and loathing of the Secretary.

This Election is the first in the U.S. to have been  won and lost on Social Media.  Many “channels” like Redit and 4chan informed us. But, Twitter ultimately became a very popular discovery forum for WIKILEAKS.

I was there because I could not adequately express my fear & loathing of the Secretary on FB. So, Twitter became a play area and then, wild infotainment.  What unfolded over several weeks is displayed in this series of screen shots. I can hardly curate my emotions watching the 2016 election cycle as an expat, as a news junkie, as a registered Democrat.. On youtube  H.A.GOODMAN, Tim Black, Abby Martin and Lee Camp and MarketWatch delighted but all news was reframed by thousands of chatty likeminded Tweeters –including Trumpers.

What began to tumble out of WIKILEAKS into the Twittersphere sat the readers square into a truly unguarded conversation.  There were almost endearing exchanges where writers fussed over Hillarys truth telling, “suboptimal instincts”and, of course, the Servergate exposure. Neera Tanden wondered why the person who gave Hillary the go-ahead on the server was not already “drawn and quartered.” –Spoiler alert: It was probably Cheryl Mills–  In a later email, Tanden would dryly opine that Hillary distroyed email evidence “so she could get away with it.” I.e., FOIA evasion, Clinton Foundation shenanigans etc

Until the kiddy porn  slithered into the memos, this could have been just the millions of us eavesdropping at any organization.  But, after pedophile’s vocabulary was decoded –everything shifted.  The most contrived  performance featuring Marina Abramovic’s faux corpses, ritual slayings and self mutilation took on still darker meanings when we learned these wer regular events. Theme parties like these were hosted by John Podesta’s and his brother. Tony, aside from being an operative for Saudi Arabia, had a 4×5 meter bunker (slash) performance space/ “torture chamber” sunken under his suburban D.C. Home.

Ultimately, these memes and leaks are compiled in this on-going scrapbook that became and continues to become quite horrifying. In the aftermath of the Elections, watching the streets and people in RAGE  (fuled by Soros?)I have to wonder if Nostradamus was right.  Will the country devolve into a hot civil war Right vs Left?

Did we change so much over this Election?

BERNIE Agrees to make like a Populist and shoo the people to Hillary — acting  as a kind of “Judas Goat” He is bit too successful so Podesta looks for…. leverage.

Bernie gets ousted in the Primary and the news that Debbi Wasserman-Schultz, DNC chairperson, had not been neutral – as required by the Party By Laws, is so infuriating,  I find Lawyer and join  Class Action Suit to clawback my contribution.. Later leaks will show Donna Brazile passed debate questions to Ms.Clinton.
The horse race narrative is very depressing

so FBI Act 1 gets going and just as #Podestaemails start leaking the Embassy turns off Julian’s internet.  For a while it looks like he is dead.

I am so depressed at the prospect of #recklessHawk that I make my own meme using the map of the WIKILEAKS blackout.

King O Sweden eh? Isn’t Sweden the Country charging Assange with Sex Crimes??

Soon enough I am navigating to Redit and discover 4Chan (the pink meme) and realized we were headed for rough terrains.

Then, stuff got weird

b>HOT LINK came out NOVEMBER 1. 2016. 4 minutes STEVE PIECZENIK calls himself “gatekeeper of ‘the second revolution'” plausible *******
It is now five days after the election.  My question about the riots is why they did not begin on election night it was clear by midnight in NYC the Trump was ahead and the Dow Futures had dropped 400 and in steps down 700 before leveling out.

Looks like the Saudis are not doing well when the pay to play flopped …Chapter 11 2020

And what of Hillary?  where is her voice to still the crowds shedding blood and tears in her name?

Day6 after elections. WTF?  

I, too remain Deplorably Yours.