This is the blog of a 20th century woman, who really shouldn’t have made it to this hot-flat world we all inhabit.

Nope, I never expected to survive high-wire walking and make it to this “old.”

Yet, ironically, I was never as optimistic as I am now.

Over educated, too rich I stood on the threshold of  global warming, and found out how banks work.  Clearly curiosity is the only thing that can never be quelled although the education that satisfied it did go out of date.

Forewarned and cushioned, I came of age in the 1960’s in Hollywood, California and began my life wearing ratty black leotards and cateye sunglasses.  I so gingerly treaded  in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac that it feels like I stayed “On the Road” seizing the idea of taking an endless trip and recording it in no particular order was … indelible, delicious.

By the time I got to New York in the 1970’s, my politics had moved decidedly left of Nixon and my ambition – to be a Madison Avenue copy writer –  was melting in the blazing dawn of the PC age.  Then, I got lucky and luckier working in computers.  First, baptized on primitive Wangs, then, introduced to Lotus as one of the first users, then AutoCad by chance, then, Archibus as a matter of course.My work advanced and my life expanded.  I emerged from the typing pool of Law firms into brokerage as a huckster, then into facilities management and finally got a Masters in Urban Planning because that was what I did.
After 9/11, all such forward movement shrivelled, my marriage ended, the urban context I had enjoyed in New York evaporated and, by 2009, I wiped out in the stock market.
Bah dah bing.

This Blog began when I started over again. It is the story of stepping off the road into Guatemala with my roll about suitcase, speaking no Spanish with nothing more to offer than my wingwalking experience.

old girls share a joke
old girls share a joke

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I found your blog and your article about June in 68. Is that a true story because I believe I know the woman, joanna.bonnano? Thanks in advance.

  2. Diane Dear – oh my, so long since we’ve connected. Think well of you and greatly impressed with this blog. Have been in Chicago almost 20 years, good city, decent life. Would love to re-connect, always valued your being.
    love, Brent

    1. Olah. As you can see I live in Guatemala. Alway on Facebook..send me your email via blog …may be in Chicago this summer…you must know Myra died of pancreatic cancer seems like ten years ago..Jayne Shane is alive in hollywood..

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