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Who are the Maya and Where Did they Come From, Anyway?

Who are the Maya and Where Did they Come From, Anyway?

Ladies still do this ..It keeps their hair out of thier work
Ladies still do this ..It keeps their hair out of thier work
“Maya” is the common name for the massive cultural complex that once spanned almost 8 degrees of latitude and that after 3,000 years, still distinguishes itself in Mesoamerica. The indigenous Mayans live in linguistic bands from the South Mexico to the Yucatan coast.

The volute or caracol was Mayan-ese for
The volute or caracol was Mayan-ese for “eternity”
There are more than 28 Mayan languages still spoken in the lands between Mexico and Honduras. Much of the linguistic pattern has been revealed since the 1960’s  Like archeologists and anthropologists with their image libraries, comparative linguists study data bases of current structures and ancient origins of living languages.

Displaying characteristic Talud and Tablero structure and an unsightly incroachment on the top dating from the 1900s
Queretero ruin displaying characteristic Talud and Tablero structure and an unsightly incroachment on the top dating from the 1850s
The late arriving Uto-Aztecan language, Nahuatl, is said to have migrated south from the deserts of North America around the 7th century. After a few generations, this arty lingua franca became popular with singers and poets in the cosmopolitan, warring and continuously dominating Teotithuacan.  This city grew to become the largest in the Americas (and impressed the European invaders, too) by around 1200. The official home to the Aztecs/Mixtecs, today it is mostly buried under Mexico City’s metroplex.

At the time of the conquest. Nahuatl was spoken by Toltecs as far away as Yucatan and by Maya in the present day Quiche District of Guatemalan highlands. The words must have eased trading and, eventually might have brought the loose alliances of MesoAmerica into a working unit–   But, Nahuatl was too “foreign” to be used for local affairs and since there was no common currency –except, maybe, the Cocoa bean, even if it were desired, overt unification would never have been possible .

This Zapotec site in Oxaca spun off smaller sites during it's 1000 years.
Monte Alban, a Zapotec site in Oaxaca spun off smaller sites during it’s 1000 years.
Still, since preclassical times, disparate cities shared a remarkably uniform sense of time and place.  People knew the names for stars, planets and some contellations  and that they had a pantheon of angry gods – some of whom could only be appeased by human sacrifices. This cast of deity-characters adorned temples and public spaces and reified the mysterious force behind the ritual cycles.

Two cosmic ball players or a couple of kings dressed to look like the Twins who played ball in Xihbalba - underworld
Two Popol Vuh ball players or a couple of kings dressed to look like the Twins who played ball in Xihbalba – underworld
By the Classical period, kings and nobles, were about identifying themselves as priests, ballplayers and warriors and are seen all over walls and pottery from The Valley of Mexico to as far south as Copan…. These depictions displayed fundamental  references to ancient mythological gods and creatures and sometimes referenced historical figures – like King Pakal of Palenque.  Pottery survives better than bark books and can be traced.  One Teotitucan style took about twenty years before it was seen in far flung grave sites. The remains of architecture and art are used to date times when a technology or cosmogony was accepted into an area. But, What special goods or stories tipped a group from a customer base into a temple buddies?  Was it the ballgame with rubber from the Olmecs, predictive astronomy, improved agriculture, fancy warrior symbols or hallucinagenic plants or something else that moved the people to practice trade expansion, war and human sacrifice??

At Atzompa and beyond, nobles sat in the short ends of the “I” shaped court   betting on the (sort of sacred) action..
One theory for the distribution of complete “memes” was that the proto Maya were seafaring.  After all, the Vera Cruz Olmecs had both rubber and cloth. — Could they not have made water resistant sails or caulked portable “canvas” canoes and just taken off? Maybe the Mayas at Izapa invented the early calendar because they could see the Zenith Passage from their about 15° Latitude. Somehow, that homegrown knowledge was useful enough for traders to talk about.  It is possible that farmer’s knowledge of this unique viewpoint allowed the Maya to calculate how to produce two harvests a year with 120 day corn?  Agricultural surplus ushered in social stratification, then Kingship and Priests.

In spite of their challenging terrain and vastness of their reach, the varieties in their languages and the serial interventions of conquistadors and modern opportunists, the Mayans keep their spirit, producing fiber arts and built design — rich and undiluted.

Shown with skeletal form.. precureor to day of the dead..
Shown with skeletal form..
precursor to day of the dead..
The Integrative Health Project -Supports Acupuncturist’s Clinical Trial in Guatemala

The Integrative Health Project -Supports Acupuncturist’s Clinical Trial in Guatemala

Panajachel, Guatemala

A New York based Acupuncturist is doing a Clinical Trial on Reducing Blood Glucose in Patients with Type Two Diabetes

This is the first time an auricular (ear) acupuncture protocol is being tested for this outside of China.

Joan Boccino, L.Ac. a doctoral candidate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, is trying to determine if ten small needles inserted in both ears have any effect on blood glucose levels . The “ear only” or auricular point combination she will use is derived from published literature and a survey of practitioners in the field. It is similar to another ear protocol known as the “NADA Protocol.” That combination was originally developed in the context of drug detoxification treatment in the 1970’s. However, it proved so effective that it’s use has expanded for use in general wellness and stress reduction including PTSD. In the US it is used in private practices, community settings, hospitals and by the US military.

Joan developed #BoccinoProtocol with NADA in mind as the NADA protocol has historically been taught to community members who are not “medically trained” in addition to those within the healthcare field.

Dr. BOccino knows the immediate need for pragmatic intervention in diabetes since she has been working in the Mayan Highlands since 2011. In 2012 colleagues and senior students from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine joined Professor Boccino in founding a mission that is still on-going at the Barbara Ford Center for Peace in Quiche. Last year, she brought a successful Traditional Chinese Medicine Jornada to the District of Solola.

This year, her study is being coordinated with the assistance of The Diabetes Club which will provide patients and office space for the research in Panajachel. The study’s criteria calls for patients with a history of blood glucose levels above +125 They also must have the ability to test blood glucose levels — two times a day for four consecutive weeks. Twenty participants will all be issued meters, materials and given instructions for recording their data prior, during and after the study. During the second and third weeks of the study they will receive the acupuncture treatment.

If this study is successful Joan can seek alliances with the Guatemalan government and educational institutions to discuss running a larger study. If results of that larger study are also successful, Joan can work with the appropriate agencies to develop a curricula of certification (and professional acknowledgement) for practitioners trained in this protocol.

The study is set to begin in April pending final IRB board approval. Afterwards, the protocol could be made readily available in underserved areas where access to conventional treatment is unavailable or unaffordable. It could also be used in cases where the conventional treatment is contra-indicated or has unacceptable side effects. Joan has already given instruction in auricular acupuncture to more than 90 Guatemalan midwives, community health promoters and students. Acupuncture has been well accepted and popular in the community. Her work is supported in part by the Integrated Health Project.


NO.  You cannot report abuses by US International Charity…

NO. You cannot report abuses by US International Charity…

This is a follow up on a 02FEB15 Letter regarding Feed the Children’s Abuses in Guatemala..

The Exceedingly Bad News is that there is no process to redress under-reporting aid, abuse of host populations nor mismanagement and internal theft. When you think about it it makes sense..The damaged parties are not US citizens, any damage or theft (IF proven) would be difficult to collect on or recoup. Very low ROI, full stop.

In any case, here’s the chain. From Embassy to independent Watchdog organizations

Forwarded 04FEB15 Letter to  R.E.Barney at US Embassy in Guatemala
Dear Rob,

Thanks for taking my call.  What I am looking for, in contacting the Embassy, is guidance on where to route my specific complaint.  I know that these abuses of low pay and short rations are widespread in Guatemala and I am hoping to trigger an audit of the NGO either in country or in the USA.

Below is my letter to  What I am pointing out is that although FTC had every legal opportunity to redress Ms. Garcia-Gracia’s complaint they chose a end around legal process and turned custody of Donor Goods over to neighbor lady..This was devisive, at least.  But I believe that turning Donor Goods over to a “unconstituted” party is perhaps an infraction –sufficient to draw fire.

Their internal figure for rations for each child is 15Q
and they regularly pay less than minimum Guatemalan Wage…

Please let me know if there are ways to route this.

Thanks ,



Ms. Dreyfus,

I’m sorry I was not able to get back with you as I had hoped yesterday.  I ended up having to leave the office to assist with a case.  As far as I’ve been able to determine you have a couple of options.  A local option is to file a complaint with the Ministry of Labor here regarding their labor practices.  Another option, from the US side, is you could write a letter to your congressman or one of you senator asking them to look into the matter, as it appears to be a US based organization.

If you would like a contact with the Ministry of Labor, let me know and I’ll ask my colleagues who you might be able to go to.

Thanks again for your inquiry.

Rob Barney

American Citizen Services

US Embassy – Guatemala

Thanks for your reply, Rob.

Rosa already has a Guatemalan lawyer pursuing the Labor violations.   As I reported, the litigation has been going on for almost two years

But, I am, frankly, shocked at the lack of oversight that the USA has over foreign NGOs.

How is it that little  501-c-3s are always nervous that their charter can be yanked for being “too political” while the Feed the Children cowboys ride free??? literally raping and plundering????

I told you that I could prove systematic fiscal abuses and you’re telling me that my only option is to write to my congressman, Hon. Sheldon Silver, who is himself under investigation?

I am sorry I am entirely dumbstruck by this reply.

Can you, please, confirm your advice to me that reporting to my LOCAL rep – not even the Oklahoma (home) state representative of the perpetrating NGO — is ALL the and the ONLY advice that the US Embassy provides to citizens for reporting tax fraud in an International NGO like Feed the Children? 

Said differently, I am asking if your response —as exceedingly limited as it appears — is the Best Practice for US citizens to invite institutional oversight for multimillion dollar NGOS.

What I am really asking is if it is true that the US Department of State is silent/ignorant in such matters?

Many thanks,


From: Lindsey Struck (Support staff Charity Navigator)

Dear Diane,

Thank you for writing to Charity Navigator and I’m sorry to hear about what
sounds like an exceedingly frustrating set of circumstances. I am the
analyst responsible for Feed the Children’s evaluation on our site. We have
a designation called a Donor Advisory (explained here on our site
<;cpid=1072>) if
this information has also been reported about in a reputable news source.
Alternatively, we suggest you contact the Attorney General’s office in
Oklahoma, the state in which the charity is registered. This may be a good
first step, particularly if you have evidence of theft and sexual
misconduct in their field offices.

Thank you for your commitment to responsible philanthropy,

Lindsey Struck, MA
Program Analyst

P: 201.818.1288 x123
America’s Largest Charity Evaluator

Hi Lindsay,

I wrote to the US Embassy and they told me to write to my (under invistigation, himself) congressman.

It is amazing to me that there is no part of the STATE Department that monitors international NGO’s.  Nor does anyone push me in the direction of the IRS to report the financial mistatements..

Is my perception correct when I assume that there is no entity that actually monitors International Charities..?

This lack goes a long way towards explaining how wild FTC is in Guatemala.



Letter to American Institute of Philanthropy regarding Feed the Children in Guatemala

Letter to American Institute of Philanthropy regarding Feed the Children in Guatemala

During 2013-14, I was embedded in Feed the Children Guatemala.

At the time, I was and continue to be connected to the indigenous Village of Patanatic –My friend and village leader, Rosa Garcia Garcia hosted and worked for FTC for almost 20 years.

According to the legal briefs filed on Ms. Garcia-G’s behalf, there is a sinister pattern in Feed the Children’s dealings with their host populations.  And, I know that the NGO has had internal problems with theft/ mismanagement of donor funds.  And, it appears there were sexual abuses. (In any case, Jose Albizurez –shown in the photo below – has been barred from FTC communities near the Capital for some reason)..  I know this because he was unable to drive me to the location and I walked in from the main road..

At the very least, Feed the Children seeks out host women, who will take less than minimum wage, provide space, and apparently other “favors” for their employees.

Last year, after pointedly slowing down the food and salary deliveries to Rosa Garcia Garcia for many months, an executive from the El Salvador office, Ricardo Candray, accompanied, Altagracia Hernandez, then the country director and  threatened Rosa that if she did not want to work for free, the NGO would find someone else.  Rosa’s board advised her to leave the organization.

For the last 3 months, FTC has failed to respond to Rosa’s lawyer’s formal complaints.

Last week Feed the Children ended around her and had an Act issued from the local municipality entitling them to retrieve kitchen supplies and 6 sewing machines and turn them over to an “unconstituted group.”

The “unconstituted group” believed, incorrectly, that Rosa’s charter would pass seamlessly to them.  This, even though not one of them was a signatory to the original documents required for legal  association.


  1. One of the original petitions for Rosa was to have her documents returned…This has not happened.
  2. Furthermore, the FTC says it is Rosa’s fault she got paid poorly because she did not have a contract.

As the business of the Act had terminated, the women, who had come to the meeting, because they needed school supplies  joined the “unconstituted group.”

Soon, there came a moment when everyone in attendance was asked to disperse and adjourn to the new leader’s space, but the women refused to leave Rosa’s porch and insisted,

“We did not fight with Rosa, we don’t want to leave.”

So, Rosa graciously let the NGO distribute the backpacks on her property.

Then, the lawyer told FTC they needed to take the sewing machines and leave the space clear. To everyone’s suprize, the “unconstituted group” allowed that they did not have the space to store them.

So, now the NGO is asking Rosa to store the goods for the “unconstituted group” and, for the first time, the NGO will pay for the space. Meanwhile,  the “unconstituted group” must form a legal body at their own expense or with the support of the NGO — this should take a few weeks..



In 2013 I was delighted to volunteer in Nicaragua, El Salvador and through Feed the Children’s communities in Guatemala.  My mission was to teach FTC office workers how to photograph the children.  After this tour, I stayed on working in the Zone 5 office and assisted in finding the new office — near the airport on Hincape..

I shared space and expenses on the country director’s apartment when I was in the Capital.  And all was well until she asked to borrow $2500USD “to liberate rice that was stuck in port.”  I told her the LOAN would be short term – less than two weeks- and she agreed.  After almost three months of threatening to report her she paid it back.  I believe that she often experienced shortfalls -in paying expenses for her family – and that, as an accountant and director, she knew how to cover  “loans.”

Ultimately the country director would be dismissed from the post without any charges.

My colleagues, who resigned or were fired have detailed evidence of theft, sexual misconduct and paternity.

Please let me know if you want further information.



 Link to CharityWatch

Durante 2013-14, estaba incrustado en alimentar a los niños de Guatemala.

En ese momento, yo era y sigo para ser conectado a la aldea indígena de amigo Patanatic -Mi y líder de la aldea, Rosa García García organizó y trabajó para FTC por casi 20 años.

De acuerdo con los informes legales presentadas en nombre de la señora García-G, existe un patrón siniestro en los piensos para el trato de los niños con sus poblaciones de acogida. Y, sé que la ONG ha tenido problemas internos con el robo / mala administración de fondos de los donantes. Y, al parecer hubo abusos sexuales. (En cualquier caso, José Albizúrez –shown en la foto de abajo – le ha prohibido FTC comunidades cercanas a la capital por alguna razón) .. Lo sé porque no fue capaz de llevarme a la ubicación y caminé por la principal carretera ..

Por lo menos, Feed The Children busca a las mujeres de acogida, que tomarán menos del salario mínimo, proporcionar el espacio, y al parecer otros “favores” para sus empleados.

El año pasado, después de que deliberadamente ralentizar las entregas de alimentos y salarios a Rosa García García durante muchos meses, un ejecutivo de la oficina de El Salvador, Ricardo candray, acompañado, Altagracia Hernández, el director en el país y amenazó Rosa que si ella no quería trabajar gratis, la ONG sería encontrar a alguien más. El directorio de Rosa le aconsejó abandonar la organización.

Para los 3 últimos meses, la FTC no ha respondido a las quejas formales del abogado de Rosa.

Última semana Feed the Children terminó alrededor de ella y tenía una ley emitida por la municipalidad local que les da derecho a recuperar los utensilios de cocina y 6 máquinas de coser y entregarlos a un “grupo no constituido.”

El “grupo no constituido” que se cree, erróneamente, que la carta de Rosa pasaría sin problemas a ellos. Esto, a pesar de que ninguno de ellos era signatario de los documentos originales requeridos para la asociación legal.


Una de las peticiones originales para Rosa era tener sus documentos devueltos … Esto no ha sucedido.
Además, la FTC dice que es culpa de Rosa ella se paga mal porque ella no tenía un contrato.
A medida que el negocio de la Ley había terminado, las mujeres, que habían llegado a la reunión, porque necesitaban útiles escolares se unieron al “grupo no constituido.”

Al poco tiempo, llegó un momento en que se le pidió a todos los asistentes a dispersar y suspender al espacio del nuevo líder, pero las mujeres se negaron a abandonar el porche de Rosa e insistió,

“No luchamos con Rosa, no queremos dejar.”

Así, Rosa amablemente dejó la ONG distribuir las mochilas en su propiedad.

Entonces, el abogado dijo FTC que necesitaban para tomar las máquinas de coser y dejar el espacio libre. Para suprize de todos, el “grupo no constituido” permitió que ellos no tienen el espacio para almacenarlos.

Así pues, ahora la ONG pide Rosa para almacenar las mercancías para el “grupo no constituido” y, por primera vez, la ONG pagará por el espacio. Mientras tanto, el “grupo no constituido” debe formar un cuerpo legal por su propia cuenta o con el apoyo de la ONG – esto debe tomar un par de semanas ..


En 2013 yo estaba encantado de ser voluntarios en Nicaragua, El Salvador y por medio de alimentar a las comunidades de los niños en Guatemala. Mi misión era enseñar a los trabajadores de oficina FTC cómo fotografiar a los niños. Después de esta gira, me quedé en el trabajo en la oficina de la Zona 5 y ayudó en la búsqueda de la nueva oficina – cerca del aeropuerto en Hincape ..

Compartí espacio y gastos en el apartamento del director en el país, cuando estaba en la Capital. Y todo iba bien hasta que ella le pidió prestado $ 2500USD. “Liberar el arroz que estaba atrapado en el puerto”, le dije el préstamo sería a corto plazo – menos de dos semanas- y ella estuvo de acuerdo. Después de casi tres meses de que amenaza con denunciarla ella pagó de nuevo. Yo creo que ella a menudo se experimenta déficit -en pagar los gastos de su familia – y que, como contador y director, sabía cómo cubrir “préstamos”.

En última instancia el director en el país sería despedido del puesto de trabajo sin ningún cargo.

Mis colegas, que renunciaron o fueron despedidos tienen pruebas detalladas de robo, mala conducta sexual y la paternidad.

Por favor, hágamelo saber si desea más información.