Sorta Mayan; kinda Xmas

Wise woman from Xela moves on up in her Red shoes to be Virgin.Mother. medicine God makes a fine Joseph and cat lovers promoted their candidate
In this version a Peruvian gourd plays Joseph and Corn Lady stars as The Virgin Baby Jesus is Jade
Although the beige Baby is eye catching..collaborators jockeyed for a more subdued version

Pizzagate: Blackmail & White OPs

#PIZZAGATE is a profane conversation struggling to  emerge above the noise and detritus of the U.S. Elections.

Because Julian Assange, the King of White Operations is entirely muffled, I feel bound to write somethibg to keep #pizzagate trending until it is fully exposed

In Fall 2016 WIKILEAKS began the first #DNCleaks, then, the #PodestaEmails and Phase III is still to come.  (There are, however, concerns about this final batch’s integrity because Assange was not only cut off from internet in early October but may be dead.)  #PodestaEmails are the lens to #Pizzagate.  The tame office email exchanges display Podesta’s interlinking relationships.  The WIKILEAKS Podesta collection shows us that associates also “play” together.  The #Pizzagate leak bears witnesses to hardcore pedophilia.  Meme Streak link

The Podesta brothers,  John and Tony, are sons of Capital insiders and have served Clinton and Obama Administrations through their elite lobbying firm, Podesta Group for decades. Their business is to know everybody and everybody else’s business.  To do this they do the NYC-WASH party scene, fervently, furtively hosting and attending.

An invitation from the Podestas might be prized by political new comers.  So, say, a freshman Senator attends a #SpiritCooking event, she mixes, mingles, perhaps drinks a bit too much.  And, around midnight, out comes some bloody event. Cellphones capture the unsavory moment  This way the aspiring guest has (perhaps, unwillingly ) become an  insider.  She probably finds a copy of the compromising photo to confirm her status in her inbox next morning. Related video

Just because it Reads like a tabloid Doesn’t  mean it isn’t so.  REDIT summary 

Podesta has flown with Jeffry – Lolita Express- Epstein a convicted pedophile.  Anthony Weiner is a recovering pedophile – checked in somewhere for treatment before election. .  Weiner is, also, Podesta pal as well as being the estranged husband of HRC aide, Huma Abaden so both have spousal immunity. His laptop was in  NYPD custody for months when someone leaked that it had the HRC 30,000 deleted emails and, incidentally evidence of an ultra elite child traffing ring. This embarrassing squawk caused the FBI to reopen Servergate in the last month of the Presidential campaign only to summarily close it after a few days of scrutinizing.  –Compare this abrieviated snoop to the months long grind out of the Clinton  emails in the original investigation.  Yes, the one closed by James Comey in July 2016.

¿Could the Weiner laptop contents have been the bargaining chip that gave Trump the election? Was there a deal cut not to implicate or prosecute insiders in exchange for “rigging” the Electoral College in favor of him? We will soon see if the new President moves towards reopening the matter.

The important part is that as of now the investigation seems to have been called off and #pizzagate is being smothered.  

By way of background, Assange and WIKILEAKS famously published Chelsea Manning’s leak of a U.S. gunship mowing down journalists – a war crime. Manning is currently serving a hard sentence of 35 years for her part as whistleblower. SInce then Assange has been charged with sexual misconduct in Sweden and because this was a human rights issue, after all, the publisher obtained diplomatic protection from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. GUNSHIP VIDEO.

Julian Assange of WIKILEAKS has long assured his readers that his goal is to “open governments.” This current trove of 2016 documents, alone, could bring down several governments around the world. Clinton’s defeat is one case.

And, there is no media coverage – no overt investigations coming out.

Why not? -> very graphic.

Instead, The documents are wanly dismissed as if being hacked by Russians demoted the Content to no more than “stolen goods.” However ill gotten, whatever the source, provenance in no way dilutes the authenticity of the content we are seeing.  We cannot let this crime go.


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 Meme Streak Elections 2016

Meme Streak – Election 2016 on Twitter

This Election is the first to have been won and lost on Social Media. Twitter ultimately became the forum for WIKILEAKS and during the primaries I chose it as a refuge from friends who had morphed into insistant/strident HilBots on Facebook and who would never understand my fear and loathing of the Secretary.

This Election is the first in the U.S. to have been  won and lost on Social Media.  Many “channels” like Redit and 4chan informed us. But, Twitter ultimately became a very popular discovery forum for WIKILEAKS.

I was there because I could not adequately express my fear & loathing of the Secretary on FB. So, Twitter became a play area and then, wild infotainment.  What unfolded over several weeks is displayed in this series of screen shots. I can hardly curate my emotions watching the 2016 election cycle as an expat, as a news junkie, as a registered Democrat.. On youtube  H.A.GOODMAN, Tim Black, Abby Martin and Lee Camp and MarketWatch delighted but all news was reframed by thousands of chatty likeminded Tweeters –including Trumpers.

What began to tumble out of WIKILEAKS into the Twittersphere sat the readers square into a truly unguarded conversation.  There were almost endearing exchanges where writers fussed over Hillarys truth telling, “suboptimal instincts”and, of course, the Servergate exposure. Neera Tanden wondered why the person who gave Hillary the go-ahead on the server was not already “drawn and quartered.” –Spoiler alert: It was probably Cheryl Mills–  In a later email, Tanden would dryly opine that Hillary distroyed email evidence “so she could get away with it.” I.e., FOIA evasion, Clinton Foundation shenanigans etc

Until the kiddy porn  slithered into the memos, this could have been just the millions of us eavesdropping at any organization.  But, after pedophile’s vocabulary was decoded –everything shifted.  The most contrived  performance featuring Marina Abramovic’s faux corpses, ritual slayings and self mutilation took on still darker meanings when we learned these wer regular events. Theme parties like these were hosted by John Podesta’s and his brother. Tony, aside from being an operative for Saudi Arabia, had a 4×5 meter bunker (slash) performance space/ “torture chamber” sunken under his suburban D.C. Home.

Ultimately, these memes and leaks are compiled in this on-going scrapbook that became and continues to become quite horrifying. In the aftermath of the Elections, watching the streets and people in RAGE  (fuled by Soros?)I have to wonder if Nostradamus was right.  Will the country devolve into a hot civil war Right vs Left?

Did we change so much over this Election?

BERNIE Agrees to make like a Populist and shoo the people to Hillary — acting  as a kind of “Judas Goat” He is bit too successful so Podesta looks for…. leverage.

Bernie gets ousted in the Primary and the news that Debbi Wasserman-Schultz, DNC chairperson, had not been neutral – as required by the Party By Laws, is so infuriating,  I find Lawyer and join  Class Action Suit to clawback my contribution.. Later leaks will show Donna Brazile passed debate questions to Ms.Clinton.
The horse race narrative is very depressing

so FBI Act 1 gets going and just as #Podestaemails start leaking the Embassy turns off Julian’s internet.  For a while it looks like he is dead.

I am so depressed at the prospect of #recklessHawk that I make my own meme using the map of the WIKILEAKS blackout.

King O Sweden eh? Isn’t Sweden the Country charging Assange with Sex Crimes??

Soon enough I am navigating to Redit and discover 4Chan (the pink meme) and realized we were headed for rough terrains.

Then, stuff got weird

b>HOT LINK came out NOVEMBER 1. 2016. 4 minutes STEVE PIECZENIK calls himself “gatekeeper of ‘the second revolution'” plausible *******
It is now five days after the election.  My question about the riots is why they did not begin on election night it was clear by midnight in NYC the Trump was ahead and the Dow Futures had dropped 400 and in steps down 700 before leveling out.

Looks like the Saudis are not doing well when the pay to play flopped …Chapter 11 2020

And what of Hillary?  where is her voice to still the crowds shedding blood and tears in her name?

Day6 after elections. WTF?  

I, too remain Deplorably Yours.

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Who are the Maya and Where Did they Come From, Anyway?

In spite of their challenging terrain and vastness of their reach, the varieties in their languages and the serial interventions of conquistadors and modern opportunists, the Mayans keep their spirit, arts of fabric and design enriched and undiluted.

Ladies still do this ..It keeps their hair out of thier work
Ladies still do this ..It keeps their hair out of thier work
“Maya” is the common name for the massive cultural complex that once spanned almost 8 degrees of latitude and that after 3,000 years, still distinguishes itself in Mesoamerica. The indigenous Mayans live in linguistic bands from the South Mexico to the Yucatan coast.

The volute or caracol was Mayan-ese for
The volute or caracol was Mayan-ese for “eternity”
There are more than 28 Mayan languages still spoken in the lands between Mexico and Honduras. Much of the linguistic pattern has been revealed since the 1960’s  Like archeologists and anthropologists with their image libraries, comparative linguists study data bases of current structures and ancient origins of living languages.

Displaying characteristic Talud and Tablero structure and an unsightly incroachment on the top dating from the 1900s
Queretero ruin displaying characteristic Talud and Tablero structure and an unsightly incroachment on the top dating from the 1850s
The late arriving Uto-Aztecan language, Nahuatl, is said to have migrated south from the deserts of North America around the 7th century. After a few generations, this arty lingua franca became popular with singers and poets in the cosmopolitan, warring and continuously dominating Teotithuacan.  This city grew to become the largest in the Americas (and impressed the European invaders, too) by around 1200. The official home to the Aztecs/Mixtecs, today it is mostly buried under Mexico City’s metroplex.

At the time of the conquest. Nahuatl was spoken by Toltecs as far away as Yucatan and by Maya in the present day Quiche District of Guatemalan highlands. The words must have eased trading and, eventually might have brought the loose alliances of MesoAmerica into a working unit–   But, Nahuatl was too “foreign” to be used for local affairs and since there was no common currency –except, maybe, the Cocoa bean, even if it were desired, overt unification would never have been possible .

This Zapotec site in Oxaca spun off smaller sites during it's 1000 years.
Monte Alban, a Zapotec site in Oaxaca spun off smaller sites during it’s 1000 years.
Still, since preclassical times, disparate cities shared a remarkably uniform sense of time and place.  People knew the names for stars, planets and some contellations  and that they had a pantheon of angry gods – some of whom could only be appeased by human sacrifices. This cast of deity-characters adorned temples and public spaces and reified the mysterious force behind the ritual cycles.

Two cosmic ball players or a couple of kings dressed to look like the Twins who played ball in Xihbalba - underworld
Two Popol Vuh ball players or a couple of kings dressed to look like the Twins who played ball in Xihbalba – underworld
By the Classical period, kings and nobles, were about identifying themselves as priests, ballplayers and warriors and are seen all over walls and pottery from The Valley of Mexico to as far south as Copan…. These depictions displayed fundamental  references to ancient mythological gods and creatures and sometimes referenced historical figures – like King Pakal of Palenque.  Pottery survives better than bark books and can be traced.  One Teotitucan style took about twenty years before it was seen in far flung grave sites. The remains of architecture and art are used to date times when a technology or cosmogony was accepted into an area. But, What special goods or stories tipped a group from a customer base into a temple buddies?  Was it the ballgame with rubber from the Olmecs, predictive astronomy, improved agriculture, fancy warrior symbols or hallucinagenic plants or something else that moved the people to practice trade expansion, war and human sacrifice??

At Atzompa and beyond, nobles sat in the short ends of the “I” shaped court   betting on the (sort of sacred) action..
One theory for the distribution of complete “memes” was that the proto Maya were seafaring.  After all, the Vera Cruz Olmecs had both rubber and cloth. — Could they not have made water resistant sails or caulked portable “canvas” canoes and just taken off? Maybe the Mayas at Izapa invented the early calendar because they could see the Zenith Passage from their about 15° Latitude. Somehow, that homegrown knowledge was useful enough for traders to talk about.  It is possible that farmer’s knowledge of this unique viewpoint allowed the Maya to calculate how to produce two harvests a year with 120 day corn?  Agricultural surplus ushered in social stratification, then Kingship and Priests.

In spite of their challenging terrain and vastness of their reach, the varieties in their languages and the serial interventions of conquistadors and modern opportunists, the Mayans keep their spirit, producing fiber arts and built design — rich and undiluted.

Shown with skeletal form.. precureor to day of the dead..
Shown with skeletal form..
precursor to day of the dead..