Preparing for Medical Outreach in Solola, Guatemala 19-23AUG14

invitation to the pueblo

invitation to the pueblo

Doctoral candidate Joan Boccino, L.Ac., is leading a team of Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners and their students to the Mayan Highlands. These 23 generous people will be treating with TCM and training community health providers and first responders in the NADA Protocol. Joan has been donating her talents, here, for almost four years and , now, is developing an auricular protocol for Diabetes. Global Clinic will serve the communities of Panajachel, Panimache, Patanatic and San Antonio Palpolo with the support of several other NGOs and local businesses.

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Day 6: Character Building A portrait

Rosa was going with our friends from the NGO to translate Spanish-Queche Maya..did I want to ride to Penemache to visit?

“Oh, si.”

Once there, I was distracted by the line of traditionally clad, barefoot women waiting in the sharp Winter sun. The light was desperately harsh, even the shadows glared. I had given up on photos, when I saw this gorgeous old woman crossing back into a room.

I had no way to ask if I could take her portrait.

Rosa was too busy.

Then, I heard her cough -raw from 80 years of dust and cooking on open fires…I showed her, with gestures, that I wanted to give her percussion like we do for cystic fibrosis. With my cupped hands I patted her back listening for the most productive areas and asked someone bring water for her. She was breathing a little smoother when I stood up. We smiled, I bowed and put the camera on my shoulder.  I pantomimed the request … She agreed.

I look at her face all the time reflecting on the kindness it shows.

Wondering how she survived the thirty year armed conflict fomented by my country and kept this grace and good humor.



Lost Art: Wu Style Tai Chi

She began moving with unique fluidity but ….concentrating.

“What are you doing?”

“Tai Chi.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a kind of martial art.”

“Looks like a dance. How did you learn it?”

“We meet Wednesdays and Saturdays on 17th and 6th.”
imageI went to the next session and studied with Joshua Whiting for the next couple of years. Before he discovered a Wu style class in a Chinatown park, the master had been a professional dancer on Broadway. He would enter the studio in his unremarkable street clothes and change into Chinese white pajamas. And, when he assumed his place In front, he appeared positively ageless and ultra venerable. The master told us 20 somethings that he was more than 60.

To remember 108 Forms I assigned my own names to sequences and developed a dance notation. Joshua told me that only one other student did that a couple of years before and he became very famous for walking a tightrope between the Twin Towers : Philippe Petit.

The indoor class met at the Nadine Ravine Studio for Dance, so, once in a while some ballet types would try a post barre stretch with us. The pink Divas were dabblers but two black leotarded jazz dancers were already regulars along with Joshua’s girlfriend, Lev, an Orthodox Jew and two of his fightin’ Brooklyn buddies. Outdoors, we met under the Brooklyn Bridge. The classes always seemed sweltering no matter where they were.

Beginning was almost like performance, there was this moment when we started counting breaths that felt as if the curtain was about to come up. We sweated the details and exercised as one and after years the sequence breathed in my bones. On a secluded overlook in Mexico I stepped thru it perfectly. After that, the 1980’s dawned and I lost the practice.

With an incomplete set of notes, I practice on my back porch. I may never remember it all but, with the help of assortment of Digital Masters, I am reclaiming bits of this sense memory, this art.